Retailer CRM Software For Accelerated Electronics Selling Solutions

Our cutting edge CRM application is changing the way electronics retailers manage their customer databases. Explore our CRM solution today by choosing a subscription option below.

Our Awesome Core Features

There are countless reasons why our CRM is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different.


Our CRM was built just for electronics retailers and delivers a world class CRM experience.


Manage your electronics retail business with our super simple to use CRM interface.


Email templates, multiple interface options, and multiple service modules available.

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Maximum flexibility. API integrations available.

Trust your electronics sales data to XMIO Tech. With our CRM you can integrate your products, customers, communications, and more.

1.Customer Retention

Our CRM app is designed to help you bring in and retain more customers via the suite of available tools built right into the user interface.

2.Multiple Channels

Integrate multiple websites or "Product Channels" into your CRM. Combine stats from all product sales into one place.

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Affordable Pricing

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